Case study

How CSC Scientific Saved $25K/year by Switching from Netsuite to Odoo

CSC Scientific produce and sell industrial instruments and equipment. Until 2016 they used Netsuite ERP to run their business. Then they discovered Odoo, and were immediately attracted by its modern interface and flexible workflow, all for a fifth of the cost of Netsuite.

As it came time for CSC Scientific to renew their Netsuite subscription, they knew that it would be difficult to negotiate a price anywhere near the cost of Odoo.

Instead, with the help of a consultant they recreated their current workflow in Odoo, implementing the same apps they used with Netsuite, plus a few new ones from Odoo. Currently they use Sales, Accounting, Invoicing, Inventory, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Inventory, Website and eCommerce, with two extra integrations; FedEx and UPS.

Precision sieves from CSC Manufacturing

It took CSC Scientific less than four months, with 100 hours of consulting, to implement Odoo and train its users. In addition to giving them a more modern and functional ERP system, the switch reduced their annual costs by $25,000.

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