ERP Success Story

Candlemaker uses ERP to eliminate manufacturing inefficiencies

Empire Candle Co. knew they had a problem. As IT director Austin Mathis says, “Even as a small business, it’s incredible how much you can miss in terms of inventory and supplies. These small misses add up. In our case, these misses were severely affecting our profits.”

Austin Mathis of Empire Candle Co. (Image provided by Sage Group)

Mathis zeroed in on three specific challenges:

  • Inventory counts were off, which led to ordering too much, mismanaging supplies on hand, and difficulty filling orders.
  • Staffing levels fluctuated with seasonal demand, causing surges in temporary staff, overtime shifts, and penalties by shippers for not being ready to receive materials.
  • Unreliable forecasts of demand for products and availability of materials resulted in buying too much material and creating too much inventory.

But after implementing an ERP software system, Mathis says, things improved greatly. “The software created a positive ripple across our company’s operations. Today, we order less, create less waste, need less space and fill orders more efficiently.”

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