Serve customers better

No more dropped balls

Odoo shows you where your entire business stands at every instant—what's been started, what's finished, what's on schedule, what's late, what you're waiting on, who's responsible.

  • No more sticky notes

    No matter how the info comes in, Odoo provides a way to enter it easily and quickly. And once it's entered, you'll never lose track of it.

  • No more outdated spreadsheets

    Need to do some data analysis? No need to create yet another Excel sheet, Odoo Spreadsheet has you covered. And you'll never need to refresh your data, Odoo is always up to date.

  • No more finger pointing

    Each person has a dashboard displaying their assigned tasks. Tasks are only cleared (and moved on to the next person) when their portion is done. And the history of a task is always available.

  • No more fumbled handoffs

    Responsibility remains with a person until their part of a task is done. And once it's done, the task is automatically assigned to the next person in line—and that person is immediately notified.