Explore the possibilities

Try Odoo for yourself

We truly believe Odoo sells itself. That's why when you're kind enough to let us make our pitch we'll spend very little time up front on slides and statistics and bullet points — none at all if you prefer — so we can get to the demo as quickly as possible.

Here are four ways you can get a hands-on evaluation of Odoo.

Have a look on your own

If you're comfortable exploring new software on your own and want to take a look before deciding to talk with us, feel free! Visit this page to create a trial Odoo database with the apps you' re interested in — instant access, no credit card required.

Schedule a short guided demo

If you'd like to see Odoo in action and want to have an expert show you around, schedule a demo with us. Just email chris@monterey.dev.

Get a custom demo

If you're curious enough to invest a bit of your own time, we can do a brief interview to learn about your specific needs, then craft a personalized demo that will show you exacty what Odoo can do for you. Email chris@monterey.dev for details.

Your first app—no obligation

Think of it as the ultimate demo—we'll prepare a full installation of one app using your data. You only pay if you then decide to go live. Contact chris@monterey.dev to explore this option. (Limited time offer.)