Work with us!

What makes Monterey Software different?

We'll chart you a course with the highest payback and lowest risk. We want you to succeed with Odoo, and we're committed to getting you there!

We start with what counts most — essential modules for your process. Limiting scope gets you up and running quickly. you'll benefit as you learn the system. Once you're comfortable with Odoo, adding new functions is easy — we'll work with you to implement them at your preferred pace.

Consider these things as you evaluate partners for your Odoo project:

Odoo is all we do

Rather than offer an assortment of software platforms, we specialize in just one—Odoo—and we serve only clients for whom Odoo is a good fit.

This allows us to deepen our Odoo expertise with every project, expertise we then provide to all our clients, past, present, and future.

We know how to fit Odoo to your situation

Because we know Odoo so well, we can introduce Odoo to your operation with little customization and little disruption— lowing your risk and keeping implementation time to a minimum.

We'll get you up and running quickly

The sooner you experience Odoo as the basis of your business process, the more clearly you'll see how Odoo can be profitably extended to all parts of your operation.

We'll plan the project in stages, beginning with a quickly installed, low-risk application. you'll have immediate real-life experience using Odoo, making it easy for us to plan future stages together.

Our documentation and training is world class

We provide prompt and courteous support after the installation is complete. But our hope—and yours!—is that you won't need much. To insure this, we invest heavily in training that is quick, pleasant, and effective, and documentation that is clear, concise, and usable.

Once you're up and running you'll be prepared to deal with most situations, and be able to look up answers to any remaining questions.