A powerful and affordable ERP solution

A growing small business often starts with one package, then gradually adds others as pain points arise, if and when it can afford to — hoping the packages will work well together, but soon learning they don't.

The Odoo integrated ERP system lets you add functions gradually and affordably. Start with just one module, and as you add new functions you find that the pieces fit together seamlessly.

Buy only the functions you need

Odoo licenses its apps (functions) individually. You can begin with just one—your choice!—add others as you are ready, easily drop those you decide later aren't useful.

  • Start simple, expand when ready

    You can be up and running with just one module, like CRM or Sales. Later you can expand your ERP incrementally, module by module, expanding your capabilities while minimising risk.

  • No integration worries

    Wnen you add a new package (blogging, CRM, scheduling), you must somehow get it to work together with your current software packages. Not so with Odoo! All apps are built on a single unified database, so any function you add is guaranteed to work with those you currently use.

  • Apps are priced per installation, not per user

    When considering adding an app, no need to worry about how many of your users need access to it — one price includes access for all your Odoo users, current and future.

Same interface for all apps

The Odoo interface is fast, modern, and intuitive. Once a person learns their own workspace, they will be comfortable with other apps they may need to use, now or in the future.

  • Use your favorite web browser to manage all parts of Odoo

    Anyone with experience using a web browser is most of the way to being an Odoo interface expert!

  • A real-time window into the state of your business

    Since all Odoo apps are built upon a single integrated database, any changes to the data (e.g. new sales orders, receiving inventory) are instantly available to all Odoo users.