What is ERP? And what can it do for me?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software connects all parts of your operation, with one database shared among all departments.

it's not just for large, complex enterprises — if your business has more than one department, you'll reap huge benefits.

And with Odoo you'll get all the benefits of ERP at a price that fits your business.

ERP integrates your business functions

Your data — one location, continually updated, easily accessed — is now your single source of truth — no more worries about coordinating data updates in multiple locations.

All data flows within a single system — Odoo ERP — not between separate software packages or in and out of manually kept records.

  • Start simple, expand when ready

    You can be up and running with just one module, perhaps CRM or Sales. Later, expand your ERP incrementally, module by module, increasing the benefits while minimizing risk.

  • Start seeing the bigger picture

    As you add modules to your setup, they are automatically integrated — and new connections and patterns quickly become visible.

  • Coordinate different parts of your operation

    Departmental data is automatically shared, in real time with no special mechanisms. Each department views relevant data across the company in terms meaningful to them.

ERP automates processing and reporting

With all your data in one place, Odoo ERP monitors your business in real time, watching for opportunities to do useful work automatically.

  • The boring stuff happens automatically

    Odoo ERP can automatically create purchase orders to replenish low inventory, send email reminders to customers with overdue accounts, enforce quality standards, and much more.

  • Customized reports show up when you need them

    It is easy to create reports showing just the data you'll find helpful, in easy to understand formats, delivered on a regular schedule or only when specific conditions arise.