Our process

What we charge

For most projects our hourly rate is $120. A basic installation needs around 160 hours work, costing about $20,000.

What we'll do for you

Even though Odoo costs far less to purchase and operate than direct competitors like Netsuite and SAP Business One, moving from your one software system to another is not a small undertaking.

To make the decision an easy one for you, we work hard at every point to be clear and exact about what we plan to do, how long it'll take, and how much we'll charge.

These are the steps we'll take to get you up and running with Odoo.

No-obligation analysis

  • We'll talk with your key users, the people from each department who need to decide whether Odoo is suitable for their area of responsibility.
  • We'll work with them to figure out how Odoo can be used to get their jobs done.
  • We'll build a custom Odoo demo using sample data from your business so your key users can do a hands-on evaluation.

Detailed requirements

We'll work with each of your key users to record in fine detail:

  • where your current process matches the standard Odoo approach
  • where your process differs, but in ways that Odoo can be adjusted to match
  • where your process differs in ways where you agree the Odoo approach is worth switching to
  • where you prefer your approach strongly enough that you want us to customize Odoo to match

The result is a detailed requirements document which spells out precisely what tasks must be done to adapt Odoo to your operation.

Project planning

We'll take the requirements document and plan out the work, determining how long each task will take and when it will be done. You'll use our plan to decide if you want us to complete the project.

Odoo implementation

With your approval, we'll proceed with the work — configuring Odoo, creating customizations, and integrating as needed with your other software packagea and the outside world. Each piece will be tested and approved by your key users.

Move your data

Once we've agreed that our Odoo implementation meets your requirements, we'll export the data from your current system, cleaning and massaging it as needed, and load it into Odoo for testing.


With your data loaded into Odoo, your key users will test each required function against your current software to insure that Odoo performs correctly. In each case we'll adjust as needed until you are ready to sign off.


By now your key users are already trained in using Odoo to run your business. They'll now train the rest of your users, will full support from us.

Go live

You'll begin running your Odoo installation in parallel with your current software until you're satisfied that we've met all requirements and Odoo is working properly. At this point you'll shut down your current software.

Ongoing support

Once you've gone live, we'll provide ongoing support for free.